Hi. I'm Svenson. 

I travel the world for commercial work. I do corporate reports, event documentaries, fashion campaigns, portraits and more.
The photo reporter is always on the move. :D

I have lived in Berlin, London, Duesseldorf and Paris. In 2019 I moved to Cyprus, because I wanted to live next to the sea. From Cyprus I fly wherever my work takes me.

I love to work in a variety of styles; you can find black and white portraits here, using self built lenses, which I often use when photographing artists for magazines or actors/actresses. And you will see many natural, soft-light people shots. 

I love to play, I love to move, in life as in my work.

I don't do much photoshop-based beauty retouching or composing. I prefer to snap the real moment. It's fun. It's real. It's life.

I do films and videos (fashion, advertising ..) as well, directing but also operating the camera myself.  

In general I think I like both, the bigger sets but also the projects where you shoot in very small teams. Sometimes it's just myself, the camera and what's happening in front of the lens. As I said, the photo reporter ...

Don't hesitate, contact me, and we discuss your project. I've been around for a while, I might have a solution.

I also own and run the Photo & Film Service Production Company ShootTribe. Being a creative producer, finding solutions, is as interesting as swinging the camera.

And together with Tiffany Winteler I run a worldwide active location service: TheLocation.agency.

Happy to meet You.

Let's work together!

Get in Touch: shoottribe (at) gmail (dot) com

WhatsApp: +49 174 69 09 603 - Calls: +357 99 521 098

What I love about my job?

"Being with people, meeting always new and interesting persons from all levels of life and businesses, having all those very special moments that you encounter when working on images together, has always been the motor that drives me, this was from the very beginning the reason why I stepped into this profession."

"The camera gives You a reason to leave the house. And it is very often your entrance tool into worlds, stories, happenings and encounters you would have never ever crossed path with without the camera in your hand and on your eye. Even today, where photography and videography is everywhere, even today it's a magical door into wonderlands."

"I like to see myself as a photo reporter. I like to go out and  find my images. In fashion or when working on business reports I love the most, when it gets a touch of real life, a touch of photo journalism."


Svenson Pictures/Cyprus-Photostudio is managed by ShootTribe - The Smiles & Coffee Media Productions Ltd. 

Cyprus registration: HE406631, VAT: CY10406631M

company director: Svenson Linnert

Mailing address: 7 Gianni Irodoutou, Unit 18, Kissonerga, Paphos


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Picture Credits ABOUT page: Black and white portrait by Berlin based photographer Caroline Wimmer. Studio CaroWimmer.

Picture in yellow workwear by Berlin based photographer Harry Weber, Harry-Weber-Productions.

Picture of Svenson on the ground by Christian Flügel, Kvell Marketing, Kvell.

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